Hello, Dolly! Callback Information

Callbacks, Thursday, Sept. 27th


The following people need to attend callbacks on Thursday.  Please work on the pieces listed below as much as time allows.  Please note that just because you are not called back, doesn’t mean you don’t have a part.


Max W

Jake M

Jon S

Ellie W

Elizabeth D

Hannah S

Leah Z

After school (4:30 -?)

Jake M

Jon S

Ellie W

Elizabeth D

Hannah S

Leah Z

Abby P

Mary Margaret A

Alana B

Delaney M

Piper M

Katherine B

Emma D

Casey S

Gwenyth M

Roslyn M

Quilan S

Matt R

Duke B

Andrew L

Ryan R

Not everyone needs to sing, but could the following people please work on the following songs.  They can be located at


I Put My Hand In – Elizabeth, Ellie, Hannah S, Leah

Sunday Clothes – Quinlan, Matt R, Jon, Ryan

It Only Takes a Moment – Hannah S, Elizabeth, Mary Margaret, Leah, Abby P

Hello Dolly – Quinlan, Matt R, Duke, Andrew, Jake


  • (Irene’s part) Hannah S, Mary Margaret, Abby P, Elizabeth, Leah
  • (Minnie’s part) Alana, Katherine, Delaney, Piper, Abby P
  • (Cornelius’ part)Quinlan, Matt R, Jon, Ryan
  • (Barnaby’s part) Jon, Quinlan, Ryan