Technical Theatre I

Wakeland HS Technical Theatre Handbook 2017-2018– This fill includes our syllabus, rules, supplies list, student/parent contract, safety waiver and more.

Sketchbook Drawing Activities – First Four Shapes – Days 1, 2, 3 & 4 of our sketchbook. Drawing a sphere, cube, pyramid and cylinder with shading and dimension. Remember, if you are absent from class for a day you are still required to complete the sketchbook activity.

Bedroom Measurement Sheet – Includes instructions and example. Due immediately after Labor Day.

Researching the Given Circumstances – PowerPoint from class. First half of research assignment.

Set Design Research Assignment Handout. Parts 1-3 – Instructions for the “Researching the Given Circumstances” portion of your set design slide show.

set-design-research_architecutre-furniture-props-assignment – PowerPoint from class. Second half of research assignment.

MCM Given Circumstances and Research Rubric – Project Rubric for Tech One and Advanced Tech

Writing a Production Review – Into the Woods – TECHNICAL THEATRE I

Face Off Project Handout 2017

Face Off daily-project-evaluation

Imagineering Press Release Example_Jock Lindseys_Guardians of the Galaxy

Imagineering Rendering and Ground Plan Examples

Imagineering the Experience Bullet Points

2A Class Photo - Good Will Hunting