UIL Film


2020-2021 Film:



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2019-2020 Film:


Written and Directed by

Kyra Bridges


Edited by Matthew Reno


Cinematography by Delaney Mann
Camera Women: Annie and Katie Peters


Director’s Assistant: Noah Clark
Location Manager: Max Watson
Original Music by Jon Slaughter
On-Set Assistant: Seth Hulse


Costume and Makeup Design:

Leah Zalenski

Emma De La Paz  and  Katherine Bracy



Jammie: Leah Zalenski

Mark: Jon Slaughter

Adam: Max Watson

Charlie: Katherine Bracy

Morgan: Emma De La Paz

Grief: Matthew Reno 


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Some audio utilized in this film has been adapted by our editor under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
Small Group Whispering Sound Effect by speedygonzo